SMSLive Case Study - NREGS (National Rural Employment Generation Scheme)
How Mobile Based Application helped Government to evaluate NREGS performance of District in West Bengal
m-Government is part of a broader phenomenon of mobile-enabled development or leveraging the mobile revolution to enable development impact. It makes information services available via mobile technologies using devices such as mobile phones. These services bypass the need for traditional physical networks for communications and collaboration. One of such initiative is Department of Panchayat and Rural Development's NREGA Initiative. The reporting of the attendance of workers for the jobs undertaken under this scheme is now available live on the internet through the implementation of this path breaking application.
Objectives & Deliverables

a) Data Collection
Collecting status of daily attendance and payment disbursal to wage earners who work under NREGA have been a challenge owing to the hierarchical reporting structure filtering up from gram Panchayats to the state headquarters. The Dept of P&RD envisaged installing a mobile based system where field supervisors can send live attendance data through mobile message on a daily basis that can populate the central data depository. The Gram Panchayats similarly can send payment data on the day of disbursement itself.

b) Data Enquiry
A mobile based enquiry system was also planned where any citizen can use his/her mobile messaging system to enquire the figures reflected on the central database as regards to NREGS attendance and payment. This helps in developing a forum of citizen watch dogs for guarding one of the nation's most ambitious developmental schemes.
SMSlive developed and installed the application to enable the system to accept the messages from the field supervisors and populate the database. They also assisted in the setup of hardware and environment for the data centre at PNRD premises at Kolkata which is equipped to accept data 24x7. Further, a web based interface was installed for general public who wished to view the data online. This web interface was integrated with the WBSRDA website
For implementation, Sagar, Patharpratima, Gosaba in South 24 Parganas and Bandwan and Bagmundi in Purulia was chosen to implement the new system owing to their infrastructural and developmental challenges.
This pioneering initiative within the country with mobile based ICTs to help data collection (for NREGS) has earned a rare accolade from MIT, Govt. of India, NISG (National Institute of Smart Government) and SIDA.
SMSLive Case Study - CMRI Hospital
According to a report to be published later this week by Cambridge based analysts Wireless Healthcare, a simple mobile phone based service is already having an impact on hospital performance data.
The report reveals that SMS patient reminder systems have reduced some outpatient clinics' DNA rates by up to 30% in spite of the fact that less than 20% of patients choose to use the service. 'The patients most likely to forget, or not bother, to turn up for appointments fall within the 16 to 35 age group,' notes Peter Kruger, Senior Analyst with Wireless Healthcare, who goes on to point out, 'by a lucky coincidence people in this age group are heavy users of mobile phones and text messaging. This is one reason why text message based reminder systems have been successful from day one.' However, Wireless Healthcare warns that this early success could result in diminishing returns as reminder services are expanded. In the report Wireless Healthcare points out that SMS patient reminder services provide mobile communications vendors with an ideal entry point into the healthcare IT

Case Study - School
SMSLive SMS for Schools is a collection of web based software & services for the sending and receiving of SMS Text Messages within educational establishments. Implementing a School SMS system with any existing School managment System is very easy as we provide with all the software you need to get started.
Our system can provide the following benefits:
  • Broadcast emergency alerts
  • Broadcast event notifications
  • Broadcast class cancellations
  • Alerts to parents of ill children
  • Alerting parents for delayed school buses

Case Study - Stock Broker
One of our most volatile industries is the stock market. News, analysis and movements have to be kept track of minute by minute. Stock brokers have to provide constant guidance to Indian share market investors.
Markets are expected to be volatile and investors have to act like watchdogs by buying on ‘dips’ and selling on ‘highs’.
Customers have to be crystal clear about each and every aspect of investments, stock options, stock trading, company, shares dividend & types of shares, debentures, securities, mutual funds and so much more! With almost all customers connected to mobiles rather than the internet, mobile Messaging Services is the best way to serve them.

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