Q. Do these applications run on my regular phone?
The applications support a variety of mobile phones ranging from a BlackBerry Phone, Windows Mobile Phone with or without touch screen, to Java enabled phones like Nokia 2600, Sony Ericsson, and small phones like MotoRazr.
Q. How does the application connect to the Enterprise Systems?
The application running on your mobile phone transmits data using pure sms. However the application is independent of the underlying Transport Layer and can also connect via ActiveSync, WiFi and other means of connectivity.
Q. Does the application run on all telecom networks?
Yes, the application is independent of the connectivity medium and can connect via any of the available telecom service providers whether they are on CDMA or GSM.
Q. How do I install this application?
The application can be installed Over The Air (OTA) onto your mobile. In case of small mobile phones like MotoRazr, the application can be made available through the telecom service provider or needs to be installed from a regular PC.
Q. Can the solution integrate with my legacy system?
The solution is independent of the backend and hence can be integrated with a variety of Enterprise Systems like SAP, Oracle, Navision or Custom-Built or Legacy systems. This application can also be integrated with accounting solutions like ACE, Expert, FACT, Tally, etc.
Q. Our organization does not have any automated system at present but we want to use these mobile solutions?
The solution being independent of the backend, in case there is no enterprise system to integrate, we can host the complete solution for you thus giving you an end-to-end solution.
Q. Can I customize the mobile application to meet my unique requirement?
Yes. The application can be customized to meet your specific requirement.
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