Given the growth of PC usage vis-a-vis mobile penetration in India, people require accessing information more on handheld devices as compared to conventional access on PC. It is very important for governments, organizations and businesses to have presence a economic space that is friendly with mobile information access. SMSLive helps your business to go wireless for their core services and in reaching customers anytime, anywhere. Services like order collection, information retrieval, account status communication are the most sought after by the people on move. Give your customers the advantage to contact you while they are on move. Surely it would be very convenient for them while at the same time it means more business for you.
SMSLive offers business solutions like Sales Force Automation, Service Level Agreements Managements on mobile based communicative device like mobile handsets which enables companies to keep field force updated with latest market information while collecting information from them - live! SMSLive provides reliable workforce-centric software that field personnel will actually use. We understand that usability is the primary success criteria for a Workforce in Motion.specially in subcontinent conditions.
Enterprise Server
An enterprise server is a computer system which performs an essential service for a large organization. Examples include corporate web servers, print servers, and databases. A key feature distinguishing an enterprise server is that even a short-term failure can cost more than purchasing and installing the system. For example, it may take only a few minutes' down time at a national stock exchange to justify the expense of entirely replacing the system with something more reliable.
SMSLive excels in providing setup and support for enterprise servers. If you need one, we are the people to provide you the solution you actually need!
Installation of Own Applications:
As in the case of shared servers, the owners do allow installation of client applications. This provides a basic hurdle for implementation of SMS systems that starts with the prerequisite of installation of host applications for the system to work. Thus Dedicated Enterprise Servers provide the only solution to specialized requirements.
Scalable Storage Space:
The Enterprise Servers provides virtually limitless storage space and that is upgradeable at the control of the implementing authority. This makes the system highly adaptable for environments as been demanded by your project.
Maintenance - Scheduling:
Since the Enterprise Server is situated at a location that is easily accessible by the implementation authority, the maintenance can be scheduled and orchestrated to maximize up time. This feature is very important for systems demanding 24x7 operational performances like SMS Gateways.
Support for Messaging Gateways:
The Dedicated Enterprise Servers support the generic requirement for messaging gateways. The messages coming from the various users are routed to the inbox panel without the requirement of any third party interference. The Enterprise Server in fact doubles as the host system for incoming and outgoing messages accepted and generated by the messaging solution.
Database Connectivity:
The physical location of the Enterprise Server in an accessible location opens up the scope of setting up the database server in line with the Enterprise Sever. This is the most crucial part of the entire solution where the data sent in the form of messages are ported to this target database seamlessly. Similarly the response messages to requests from users that require running of queries in this database is also accelerated and performance enhanced.
Web based API Support:
The Enterprise Server supports development of web based interfaces whereby the data populated through the incoming messages are viewable over the internet by citizens and public in general. This augments management processes by helping MIS developments.
Commercial Internet Connectivity:
We are tied up with an ISO 9001:2000 certified company to provide commercial internet connectivity. Over 3 CCIE and 65 Cisco certified networking professionals. Several million-man hours of network management, project management and implementation experience. We are equipped to provide 256 kbps and above bandwidth complete with hardware setup including radio equipments, routers and firewalls.

SMS Integration
SMSLive brings in a revolutionary approach on how data communication business is viewed from a management perspective. SMS that has been traditionally considered as a communication tools is now going through a metamorphosis.
The SMS that the user send is ready to be ported to a target database!
Similarly, specific dataset from a database can be delivered to the mobile of the user using this path breaking expertise.
This service provide a natural means of access for users on the move, and open up the opportunity for SMS return information. SMSLive capitalizes on the key opportunity to incorporate SMS response into the service proposition. So users can now input data form their mobile phones to the central database as well as retrieve data using simple pre designated queries form it.
These messages can be

Customized as per the need of the user a marketer's dream
Scheduled to be sent on occurrence of a particular event a manager's prerogative
Can be integrated with Navision, Oracle or legacy systems a system administrator's fancy.
The solution being independent of the backend, in case there is no enterprise system to integrate, SMSLive can host the complete solution for you thus giving you an end-to-end solution.
A web based interface may also be integrated for public/restricted viewing of live data. Thus the cycle of data portability and accessibility is completed and without investing in additional hardware and infrastructure.
At the apex of your business solution you can now boast of an integrated system whereby sms as a communication tool doubles as data packets comfortably populating and retrieving from backend databases with a web based interface for showing up its activity.
Providing multiple access channels for citizen is a key part of the e-Government agenda. This is especially true in respect of the comparative advantage of mobile penetration vis a vis PC penetration. Text messaging (SMS) is becoming increasingly popular as a way of communicating with and handling transactions from stakeholders

Mobile Applications
Developments of Mobile Applications have lately evolved as a global phenomenon. They consist of software that runs in a mobile phone and performs some designated tasks for the users.
SMSLive specializes in development of mobile based application specially form based tools for data input. Mobile Applications specifically uses the generic phones capabilities. To harness this feature our solutions are developed to work with even inexpensive entry level hand sets. Your application can now work on any Java enabled phones.
Since form data are transported, typically, in the form of a message, GPRS capacitated service is not a pre requisite. Thus to immediacy and guarantee of your data reaching its destination is freed from the scope of availability of network connection.
SMSLive even integrates small datasets into your mobile application for recurrent usages. And you thought that you need and expensive PDA to do this?
The mobile applications can range from:

Product Ordering Forms
Performance Reporting Forms
Tests / Quiz programs
The application can be installed Over The Air (OTA) onto your mobile. In case of small mobile phones like Nokia 2600C, the application can be made available through the telecom service provider or needs to be installed from a regular PC.
The limited user training required for the applications makes them a sure winner for deployment over a horizontal expanse of groups. Typically, a 10 minutes session is enough to educate a new user to use the software comprising of several input screens. Our success in adopting the technology for the m-government initiatives has reiterated the advantage of this feature.
The applications are independent of the connectivity medium and can connect via any of the available telecom service providers whether they are on CDMA or GSM. This feature has incorporated the boon of universal acceptability for the solutions.

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